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The most popular selling individual California medical plans are Preferred Provider Organizations plans with deductibles beginning at $500+. We also arrange Health Maintenance Organizations plans and Health Spending Accounts. Our plans offer soft copy enrollment forms, which we normally can email to you within a day. A personal visit can also be arranged to review a customer's health care options. Once an application has been taken, we provide weekly updates to the applicant on the carrier's status. Normally it takes 4 to 6 weeks to receive an approval and sometimes the carriers need additional information. We provide a comprehensive service to manage your submission.


We offer the most popular PPO plans available on a stand-alone basis. We highly recommend considering a plan that contracts with your dentist for the highest level of coverage.

Personal and Business Long Term Disability income replacement

AG Sieben offers the most competitive disability plans for all industries and job classifications. In order to secure a proposal, we would need the prospective buyer's date of birth, gender, job title with daily duties and 24-month earned income.

We arrange plans that will cover a "Total Disability" to the age of 65 years old. Lower premium plans can be arranged to limit "Total Disability" to 5 years.

We offer the highest limits for Business Buy Sell, Key Person, Loan Indemnification and Severance Disability. Business claim payments are paid to the Employer so they can replace a disabled key employee/partner. Payments can be arranged monthly or a lump sum payment equal to three times the annual income of the key person.

We can offer limits as high as $5,000,000 for "Qualified" individuals residing in or out of the U.S.A., working in hazardous conditions or even having a medical condition.

Personal and Business Life/A.D.& D. Insurance

AG Sieben represents 167 brand-name individual life insurance carriers and has an innovative software program, which sorts and ranks the carriers in top five categories, including price, length of contract and/or the ratings of a carrier.

AG Sieben provides business individual insurance referred to as "Key Person" Insurance as well as "Personal" individual insurance.

Plans can be arranged for a period of time referred to as "Term" Insurance or for a person's lifetime, referred to as "Permanent"

Individual Insurance. Plans can also be arranged on a cash-value-basis, where money accrues over a period of time, or we have plans with no cash value at a considerably lower premium.

Premiums can be arranged on a monthly, semi-monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis.

AG Sieben has the soft-copy enrollment applications of each carrier upon request. Carriers offer a 31-day free look before the premium is due.

AG Sieben's sales representatives are trained to assist the buyer in choosing a plan that best accommodates their needs.

We offer the highest limits for Buy Sell, Key Person and Loan failure. Life insurance limits of $50,000,000 and $100,000,000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment can be obtain based on the insurance companies' acceptance.

Pilot's Loss of License Disability Insurance

We offer Loss of License disability limits as high as $25,000 per month (30 day waiting period) and $1.5 million Lump Sum pay outs if the total disability exceeds 12 months with a loss of Pilot's license. We can provide a similar benefit to aviation employees (Non-Pilots), related to a non-working disability.

The F.A.A. has the authority to suspend or revoke a pilot's license grounding the pilot from flying until their health is satisfactory to fly and regain their license.